2013 Comfort Keeper of the Year

The Comfort Keepers® of the Year award is a national recognition for the men and women in our organization who provide loving and respectful care to their clients and go above and beyond in their role as a Comfort Keeper.  Comfort Anima was 1 of 7 who were chosen out of over 700 offices for this award in 2014.

The three words that describe Comfort Anima are Compassionate, Loyal & Patient.

Comfort naturally shows compassion towards her clients. She does whatever she can to make the client feel comfortable and loved.  If her client was having a bad week and she was planning to be off a few days, she would change her plans just to be with him/her during that time. 

When a client recently passed away, she continued to stay with his wife in the home to make sure she was well taken care of during such an emotional time.Comfort’s own family even came to be with her client’s family to share in their sorrow. 

One family member stated in a letter that “Comfort is a true gift from God.  We are so connected at the heart that her family has now become part of our family.  There is no one better than Comfort.


Comfort Keepers Home Care is proud to serve the following areas of New Jersey:

Office Location: 56 Pitman Ave, Pitman, NJ 08071


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