Dementia Care for Seniors in Clayton, NJ


Discover why many seniors rely on Comfort Keepers flexible dementia care.


Dementia does more than rob a person of their memory, it steals their ability to think, reason, and communicate. In later stages, dementia will alter a person's perspective of the world so they cannot tell reality from fiction and will no longer be able to understand their place in the spatial world. Sadly, these things do not simply impact a senior directly, they become increasingly vulnerable to outside influences as well. This means that seniors with dementia must not only be protected from the disease they already have, but they must be kept safe from external factors as well, including unscrupulous people, physical living conditions, and germs.


Flexible Dementia Care from Comfort Keepers


Comfort Keepers specializes in in-home dementia care. This means that caregivers work to provide seniors with the supports and services it takes to remain safe and secure in the comfort of their own home. This greatly reduces many areas of stress for seniors who are already undergoing vast amounts of anxiety. The first step in this process is ensuring the senior's physical residence is safe. With Comfort Keepers dementia care, providers start with a home-safety inspection and fall-risk analysis. Often making simple additions or alterations can greatly increase a senior's home safety. This becomes even more important as dementia progresses into the later stages.


Seniors without professional dementia care often trust others to look after their best interests. Many times this does not turn out well. Comfort Keepers care providers are bonded and insured, having gone through rigorous background checks, screenings, and training. In addition to being trusted with the safety and well-being of a senior, they can also help seniors avoid others who would seek to take advantage of them directly and by notifying family members of questionable phone calls, solicitations, or relationships.


As dementia progresses, seniors lose the ability to perform many daily living tasks and personal care routines. This can impact a senior's ability to combat infection and illness from germs and bacteria. Comfort Keepers dementia care is flexible and can grow along with a senior's needs. As seniors need more help cleaning, toileting, grooming, etc., care providers step up to provide these additional supports.


In short, dementia may make one more vulnerable, but with Comfort Keepers dementia care support, seniors still do not need to lose their independence or freedom as they continue to reside safely in the comfort of their own home.

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