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Learn about Interactive CaregivingTM, out trademarked method of senior care.


The primary goal of any senior care service should be to improve a senior's quality of life. Contrary to the methodologies utilized by many senior care companies, researchers have repeatedly verified that physical supports are essential to the well-being of an individual who needs them, but the overall impact on a person's life will be significantly reduced or even negated without the social and emotional components of their life being addressed. In other words, a senior who is lonely may be thankful that the laundry is done or even be appreciative for bathing support, but if these services are provided without care, compassion, and personal interaction, then they will not address the real needs of this individual.


How Interactive Caregivng Impacts Senior Care


Interactive Caregiving is Comfort Keepers trademarked model of senior care. It was designed to improve a senior's quality of life while maximizing their independence, self-esteem, and dignity. Interactive Caregiving takes the focus off physical tasks and places it on the senior receiving those supports. By developing a personal relationship with the senior and drawing them into their own care through meaningful social, emotional, and cognitive interaction, caregivers not only address the daily physical challenges a senior may face, but they impact the whole senior as well.


Since no two seniors are the same, Interactive Caregiving ensures that no two services are performed in the same way. Each senior receives a personalized care plan that addresses their unique and individual needs in a way that is meaningful to them. Caregivers take the time to learn about a senior's likes, dislikes, passions, and ways that they like things done. After all, having somebody help you fold your clothes or wash the dishes only to have them folded or washed in a way that you do not like does not reduce stress, it increases it. Further, if the senior feels they need to go back and refold all of the clothes or rewash the dishes to do it "right", the support did not truly help the senior with their physical task either. The same philosophy applies to topics of conversation, games, activities, and overall interactions.


In short, Interactive Caregiving goes beyond the tasks and addresses the interpersonal components of a senior's life. What is it that makes the senior smile, laugh, or be filled with joy? These are the things that Comfort Keepers caregivers incorporate into each and every task. For more information about how Comfort Keepers Interactive Caregiving model can enhance your senior loved one's life, improve their freedom and independence, and improve their overall well-being, contact a senior care coordinator today.

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