Alzheimers Care in Mullica Hill, NJ


Find out why it is best to seek Alzheimer's care as soon as possible for seniors.


While Alzheimer's disease does not currently have a cure, there are many treatments and therapies that can help improve the quality of a person's life. The specialized care a person with Alzheimer's disease receives also makes a tremendous difference in their overall quality of life


Why Get Alzheimer's Care in Mullica Hill, NJ?


Consider these tips from Comfort Keepers Alzheimer's Care:


1. Don't wait. Many seniors and their family members wait to start Alzheimer's care and treatments. There are many lines of thought behind these decisions, ranging from embarrassment and denial to simply wanting to remain as "normal" as possible for as long as possible. Yet, the success of most treatments and care are directly proportional to the timeliness of their initiation. In other words, the faster things are started, the greater the chance of success.


2. Create routines. As the symptoms of Alzheimer's progress, routines become essential for comfort and clarity. Steady and predictable routines limit stress and alleviate anxiety. Examples include waking and sleeping schedules, regular mealtimes, and even planned daily walks or other recreational activities.


3. Learn and plan. Learn as much about Alzheimer's disease as possible as soon as possible. Then, make necessary changes before they are needed. For example, many seniors with Alzheimer's find a bright or highly patterned wallpaper to be highly distracting. Other seniors will have great difficulty when they see the sun go down. By proactively changing wall décor, adding effective draperies, and ensuring proper lighting for all rooms, family members can help their loved one avoid common triggers that lead to emotional meltdowns.


In short, Alzheimer's care goes beyond simply having somebody who can help a senior with their housekeeping and laundry or assist with personal care. Granted, these are essential supports that will eventually be needed, but care also involves creating an environment that is peaceful and comfortable, calm, familiar, and low-stress.


For more information about Alzheimer's care, or the many ways Comfort Keepers specialized caregivers can help you understand the disease, its symptoms, and the many ways to help a senior maximize their quality of life during their remaining years, contact a senior care coordinator today. 

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