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Find out how our unique Interactive Caregiving enables novel senior homecare solutions.


Senior care should improve a senior's quality of life. While most senior care agencies would agree to this statement, too many fail to provide the breadth of services necessary to accomplish this task. More to the point, many senior care agencies focus primarily on physical assistance and daily living support, but they do not spend much time, if any, addressing the social, emotional, and cognitive components of care.


What Senior Homecare Solutions Does Interactive Caregiving Enable in Mullica Hill, NJ?


Comfort Keepers takes a different approach. Through their trademarked model of senior care, interactive caregiving, Comfort Keepers strives to improve a senior's quality of life while maximizing their independence, self-esteem, and dignity by taking the focus off physical tasks and placing it on the senior receiving the supports and services. Researchers continue to verify that physical living supports are important but their overall impact on an individual's life is significantly reduced or negated when social and emotional components of care are not addressed. Put another way, seniors may be thankful when they receive help with the laundry or preparing meals, but if these tasks are accomplished without meaningful interaction, compassion, and personalized senior homecare solutions, then they usually do not address their complete or full needs.


Interactive Caregiving starts by developing a personal relationship between the senior and their caregiver. Once the caregiver understands what makes the senior smile, laugh, or find enjoyment, then they can be drawn into their own care. By combining physical senior homecare solutions with meaningful social, emotional, and cognitive interaction, caregivers can address a senior's daily physical challenges while impacting the senior as a whole person.


In short, through interactive caregiving, Comfort Keepers senior homecare solutions go beyond performing daily tasks and chores by addressing the interpersonal components of a senior's life. For more information about the many ways Comfort Keepers interactive caregiving model can enhance your senior loved one's life, improve their freedom and independence, and improve their overall well-being, contact a senior care coordinator today.

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