Dementia Care in Pitman, NJ

Skilled dementia care for seniors in the Pitman area.

Dementia does not progress at the same rate or in the same manner in any two people. However, there are natural patterns of progression and standard supports and services that can be identified and used when a diagnosis is made early. Even when an early diagnosis is made, many family members are not sure how to talk to their senior loved one about dementia, the future, or dementia care. Sadly, while this may be easier in the short term, avoiding important conversations has substantial consequences down the road.

Pitman Dementia Care

One of the primary conversations that needs to take place regards your loved one's desires for dementia care services. After all, dementia may not progress the same in every individual, but it does progress and the progression is rarely less than devastating. The good news is that there is quality dementia care available and seniors do not need to move into a residential nursing home to get it. Comfort Keepers specializes in home-based dementia and Alzheimer's care. This care is not just person-centered and tailored to the senior, but it takes place in the comfort and convenience of the senior's own home.

Home-based dementia care provides great freedom when it comes to scheduling. Routines are very important for those with dementia. When a senior can remain in their own home, they can stick to their old routines as much as possible. In fact, the senior's likes, dislikes, passions, and opinions are all an integral part of the comprehensive support plan and Comfort Keepers trademarked interactive caregiving model.

Knowledgeable and trained caregivers focus on senior comfort and safety while stressing independence, dignity, and quality of life. Working on memory-strengthening exercises and activities helps, as does regular exercise and healthy meals. Each of these are standard components of dementia care, but the key to great care lies in the relationship the caregivers build with the senior.

Dementia is scary enough without having to go through it alone or without understanding what is really going on. Dementia care support not only provides physical supports for seniors who need help with daily living tasks or physical safety, but caregivers also provide much-needed social, emotional, and mental support to the senior and their family.

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