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Find out how Comfort Keepers' end of life care can support you or a loved one.


End of life situations are different for each person. Some pass quickly while others go slowly over weeks, months, or even years. In some cases, death comes with little pain or loss of physical or cognitive abilities. Others may face intense pain or major amounts of degeneration. Some see the end of life experience as a happy transition from one realm of existence into another, while others face death with anxiety, questions, or even fear. For as different as each end of life situation may be, one thing each person has in common is a desire to die with dignity.


End of life care refers to the support and services designed to help a senior maintain as much freedom, independence, and dignity as possible while maximizing their quality of life as they approach their final days on earth. By definition, end of life care is typically limited to an individual's final six months of expected life.


End of life care is often called hospice care. Hospice provides a team approach to helping a senior increase their level of communication with family, medical, and non-medical personnel; reduce pain and discomfort; and provide social, emotional, and daily living support. A key component to end of life services is palliative (or comfort) care.


The Benefits of End of Life Care


Let's look at a few ways Comfort Keepers helps with end of life care.


Personal Care: Seniors who are facing the end of their life often end up seeing people they have not seen in years. As visitors come and go, the senior's world is often like a revolving door bringing in family, friends, and long-lost acquaintances. Even facing their final days, seniors want to look and feel their best. Comfort Keepers caregivers provide bathing, grooming, and dressing support for this very reason.


Reducing Stress: Seniors and family members alike feel the stress of dying. The stressors are more compounded when combined with daily living tasks and household chores. Comfort Keepers caregivers relieve this stress by providing the necessary housekeeping and personal care tasks, such as eating support, toileting, laundry, and meal preparation. Caregivers can even go shopping or run errands so the family members can spend as much time as possible with their loved one.


Offering Support: Many times, family members want to participate in a senior's care but don't know what to do. Comfort Keepers caregivers gladly come alongside family members and teach them the tricks and techniques to best serve their loved one. Caregivers can provide as much or as little care as necessary depending on the situation. In addition to physical tasks, caregivers can also be there just to listen, provide a shoulder to lean or cry on, or otherwise provide social and emotional support.


In short, end of life care is an important component of dying with dignity. To find out more about how Comfort Keepers can support you and your loved one during this difficult time, contact a senior care coordinator today.

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