Dementia Care in Williamstown, NJ

Skilled dementia care for your Williamstown loved one.

If your beloved senior loved one has recently been diagnosed with dementia, you and your family may be questioning how to cope with the myriad of changes they are undergoing. With dementia, one's overall well-being, including physical, meantal and social well-being, all change. Whether your loved one is experiencing severe depression or hallucations, whether they are forgetting familiar family members' names or are wandering more, Comfort Keepers in home caregivers can provide your loved one with the skilled care and support they need.

Dementia Care in Williamstown, NJ

At Comfort Keepers, we understand that you want one to receive the highest quality care. That's why our in home caregivers undergo rigorous training, have access to a number of informational resources regarding the disease and are highly experienced, providing previous care and support for a number of senior's with dementia. That being said, our in home caregivers have both the experience and skills necessary to provide the highest quality care for your loved one. From an ability to assist senior's with expressing their emotions and helping them articulate further to stimulating their senses through reminiscing on old photos and completing brain teasers, they are highly trained and prepared to provide your loved one with the high-level of care and support they deserve.

Let's discuss a few of the ways in which a professional dementia care specialist can assist your senior loved one. Here are a few of the common issues seniors with dementia face and how our caregivers can help:

  • Nutrition. Getting the necessary nutritional value from food each day can be difficult for seniors with dementia. Due to challenges with swallowing and chewing or missing meals due to forgetfulness, nutrition is a serious problem for seniors. A Comfort Keepers in home caregiver can run to the grocery store to get the necessary food, prepare the meal and even feed a loved one is necessary. 
  • Personal hygiene. A senior with dementia may lose interest in their personal hygiene or simply forget their daily grooming routine. A Comfort Keepers caregiver can assist your loved one through out the grooming, bathing and dressing process. Whether your loved one needs a mere reminder or needs assistance through out the whole process, our caregiver can be there. 
  • Transportation. Is your loved one unable to safely transport themselves anymore? A caregiver can provide transportation to doctor's appointments, can transport your loved one to family functions or even take your loved one to run errands.

For further information on our Comfort Keepers dementia care services, contact us today. One of our care specialists would be happy to provide you with additional resources or to schedule a free in home consultation today.

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