Nursing Homes Vs. In Home Care

Learn what distinguishes in home care from care provided in nursing homes.

Nursing homes have many positive benefits for seniors who require constant medical care and supervision. Today, in home care may be able to provide many of the same benefits, and when seniors require less than this extreme amount of support, in home care is almost always a better choice.

Nursing Homes Versus In Home Care

Let's look at five comparisons between nursing homes and in home care.

1. In home care provides more one-on-one care. While a nursing home may have more staff members, they also have more clients, responsibilities, and duties. Most nursing home personnel are pressed to the limit each minute they are on the clock. With in home care, the senior is the sole focus of the caregiver the entire time they are there. When caregivers understand a senior's specific needs, they can better protect them from falls, negative drug interactions, wandering, and so forth.

2. The more caregivers who interact with a senior, the more confusing the communication can be. Each person has their own point of view, style of reporting, and the person who made a report may not be available when you want to talk with them. With in home care, communication is between a caregiver and the senior or their family. This makes the communication more frequent and consistent.

3. While most modern nursing homes have private rooms, there is no substitute for a person's own home when it comes to personal privacy. In addition to one's own furniture and accessories, a home contains a senior's most treasured comforts and memories.

4. Medical facilities, including nursing homes, take many measures to limit the spread of germs. Sadly, the great number of people with different medical problems makes this a losing battle. When it comes to limiting the exposure to viruses and bacteria and avoiding infection, in home care cannot be beaten.

5. Nursing homes are predominately for seniors without mobility and severe medical problems. As a result, outside trips and activities are generally not offered. With in home care, local transportation is often provided. This means that seniors who may no longer drive still have access to social activities, medical appointments, running errands, and so forth. Best of all, they can accomplish these tasks on their own schedule.

In short, there are many differences between a nursing home and in home care. While there are times when a nursing home is the right choice, most seniors desire to remain in their own home. For most of them, in home care makes this possible.

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